PanEris Rules



As a guiding principle openness is good. In exceptional cases information can be held off the site or on the site with password protection, but this should be the exception.

The password for a protected directory is emailed to the members of Paneris when the node is created.


PanEris is a collective of creative programmers. There is a tension between the creation of new toys and the formation of a collective.

To reduce this tension the onus is on the creator of any new element of PanEris to ensure that there is an explanation of its features and that any new prerequisites for its use or maintenance are entered in the Tools document.

Change Control

PanEris generates a lot of data. Emails notify members of any changes to the site, except the regeneration of static files. It is strongly recommended that you set up your email client to filter these messages, disk space is no longer a problem for most members, and it is better to be told everything and filter it than not to have a message when you need it.

Older versions of any file that is modified on the site are kept.

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