Things You Can Do at Paneris

Node Specific Functions

Look at things at this Node Show Titles for all files in a directory source Simple Search source

Change things at this Node Search and Replace down from this node source Create a new Node source

Functions which only work at a people node Write an Invoice source Write a Letter source

Functions which only work when embedded in a page

Create a new page source Upload a file source

File Specific Functions Add a comment to a Perl script source Print out a file source

Paneris Specific Scripts Add to Contact List source

Views of Site Logs Analyse standard Log file source Who has looked at a particular page source List latest Errors source

Programming Tools List contents of cgi-bin source Which requires what source Perl script to print out CGI set ENVironment Variables source Print out all ascii characters source Show the current colour settings source Background Colour Algorithm source

Toys Show System Time source Register with the TeleWorkers site source Netscape Bookmark Upload source Show the colour of an IP address source Tell you which browser you are using source Countdown to the Millenium source Feedback form source

Play with images at a node Update Image File Details source Display and update tagged data file source Select files by description source Push contents using http-eqiv source Push contents using multipart-replace source Push contents source

Passworded System Administration Functions Add a password to a node source CHMOD a file or directory source Set owner and protection on a directory source Do an ls -l source Delete a file source

Modify Automatic Page Templates

Modify Default Page Template
Modify Logo Template
Modify Side Navigation Template
Modify Top Navigation Template
Modify Customer View Template
Modify Dos View Template
Modify this page Template
Modify Site Map Template
Modify Dropshadow Template

Modify Input Templates

Modify Search and Replace Template
Modify Node Subject Template
Modify Modification Template
Modify Modified File Template

Functions which affect the whole site Configure website properties source Generate Website Structure source

Colour Key