PanEris Partners

All PanEris clients have an entry here (in the menu bar on the left). Some entries are password protected and shown blanked out.

Under each partner's page, you will find the working documents for the projects we have completed for them (or are currently undertaking).

Only companies which have a long term relationship with PanEris should have an entry here, if you just want a specific task done please approach one of the staff.

A view of our partners through the PMS.

This is also where you will find information that is relevant to all projects such as typical Terms and Conditions.

Our quality procedures, including a typical implementation plan are housed at system/quality.

Our customers tend to say nice things about us, here are a couple of examples

"A first off the cuff reaction was that I got good value for money"

"an organisation that pulled out all the stops and in a very fast turnaround produced a substantial piece of code that met the spec and was surprisingly easy to integrate."

"Communication was excellent and I would use you again."

Frank Domoney

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