Job related sites Seems to be really good. I've signed up.
I hope to get a customer to play their game with me. (are you volunteering?) Looking good, early days. May well work, I've signed up. Based on an iffy MLM approach to corporation formation (which failed for us with I-Way).


If you would like to follow up any of these leads, please ensure that you update this page, so that we don't all go chasing the same business.
Computer Futures
Cn: Paul Miller
Te: 0131 226 4994
Not interested in refferal.
Search Jobserve Oxford based Recruitment agency, not dealing with web London based branch of German design house, not interested in outsourcing Sheffield based web house - may call us Oxford Open Learning, happy with current website Lydia(0171 393 1386) will get back to us ID= 357367
UNAME= OL357367N1
Hampton Associates Hilary Hampton - 01753 861524
Happy to refer work.
Net Seek Mark Buckingham 01932 700416 Potential member
1Way Graham Jones 0117 941 41 41
May have more work than he can handle soon.
Rang 25/02/99; ring 15/03/99
European Telework
A1 Assured Recruitment Chris Burrows 0117 275 8444
Sent email.
Oxford Brookes - Small Business Centre Roger Mumby-Croft 01865 485740, Meeting 24/02/99 2.30 Catherine Roseberry says she will list us !! Teleworking 'Zine: lets contribute. Sent email to Karl Joshi 0870 603 9071 x3102
Heart of England TEC Christine Doubleday, TEC, 01235 553249
European IT
Idealnet James Den Kaat 01942 209578
Missing Link James Arkel, 01608 642592, Meeting weds 24th. Rob Bosher 01491 682031
May outsource perl
Called 09/03/1999 - will call back
Internet Assist Ltd Hannah Oppenheim LL.B Hons
0181 547 3700
Talked on 09/03/99
See messageboard
Cool Chile Co Dodie Miller
0870 902 1145
Talked on 28/04/99
PO Box 5702
W11 2GS

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